Adapting the Micro "Easy Find" Camping Kit from Road Pro (Daventry)

for narrowboat use

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This unit has now been in use for about 3 months, so time to review it's quality and suitability.


The dish has stood outside 24 hours a day during the British winter. There is no sign of corrosion or other weather damage whatsoever. For an “occasional” use dish I find that remarkable. The LNB has worked faultlessly and the receiver has also worked faultlessly. Nothing more could be asked of the units.


The “Easyfind” system has worked very well indeed. Normal set up time after moving the boat is in the order of 20 seconds. Just swing the unit till the red light changes to yellow and a few seconds fixing it on to green. It used to be a two person job frequently costing several minutes.

There has been an occasional loss of signal during high winds and storms. This is not unusual for a small dish on a boat. The boat is moving and there is some slight flexibility on the dish and mounting. It is certainly no worse than I experienced with the much larger Sky minidisk.


If you are prepared to do the initial work “beefing up” of the mounting then this has proved to be a superb system.